If you know me for very long at all, you will learn how much I love to change my hair! But using permanent dyes when you change your hair every few months doesn’t really work, so here’s an option I recently discovered for a temporary, non damaging change up!

Clairol Beautiful Collection Semi-Permanent Color

Here I tested out the Clairol Beautiful Collection Moisturizing Semi-Permanent Color ($5.79 each at Sally’s). In this line there aren’t as many non-natural colors, but Manic Panic is an absolute perfect, similar option for the more wild colors (note, if you don’t bleach your hair beforehand, the change will be much less drastic, but can still tint your hair considerably).

After letting my hair rest from all dye for a while, I was surprised how much I liked the color that my hair naturally grows out of my head! It kind of reminds me of a nutmeg seed. But after not dying my hair for 6 months or more, I wanted a change for fall, and the ends of my hair were getting way too brassy, sort of burnt looking from the red molecules at the base of that part of my hair from when I was a redhead. They weren’t actually burnt, but gave off that fried impression.

I can’t believe I didn’t change my hair color for 6 months, knowing how much I love to change it! But I really enjoyed my color and at that point, having natural hair color was the change!

Jesse Sage by Kris Holman

You can see my natural color here as well as some of the old red showing through the ends – Photo by Kris Holman

So I wanted something temporary since I had restored my hair and didn’t want to fry it just on a whim. I didn’t have a color I was dying for (no pun intended!!) so I opted for something that would allow me to easily change it again after several weeks if I wanted to.

Note that this color uses no developer – so there is no peroxide to “lift” your hair’s cuticle. This means it is less damaging to your hair, but also that the change will be less drastic & more temporary.

In my mixing bowl I mixed equal parts of:

B12D, Medium Ash Brown – Level 3 Base Ash,

B18D, Darkest Brown Level 2 Base Neutral

I combined these two colors, because I was cautious about hair usually grabbing more color than expected & thus going too dark. The Ash base in the Medium Ash Brown would help cancel out some of the brassiness, but too much ash can make my hair look muddy, so I opted for a Neutral base in the Darkest Brown so that I didn’t double up on the Ash base.

My natural roots!

My natural roots! About a level 5 neutral brown.

Application: Very easy to apply but a little bit runny so I had to be careful with my brush. I just painted it on all the roots, making sure to cover thoroughly, then went back and saturated the ends.

Shower Cap

Marvel at my fabulousness

I let it sit for about 50 minutes & heated with a hairdryer (which helps the color to penetrate more deeply) 3 times, then rinsed (extremely well) and conditioned my hair (no shampoo), finishing with cold water to “seal” the color in.

Dark Hair 2

Voila! The finished color! Level 3 Dark Brown.

My hair came out amazing, and felt great as well. Since I had a premiere of a movie that night I put in my hot rollers & went for an Elizabeth Taylor inspired style.

How easy it came off of my skin, & bathroom sink: Surprisingly well, with just a wet washcloth. I usually have to break out my baking soda toothpaste on both accounts but I didn’t need it. I was also pleasantly surprised in terms of how much “shoe polish” is around the hairline – hardly any. I wore my hair back the first day and I usually don’t do that until 2 or so days after dying my hair.

Other reviews said it stayed on skin really badly, but that wasn’t my experience.

Update after 1 wash: I can see a very slight change in the color but I wouldn’t even say it’s one level lighter.


Let me know if you have any questions about this look!