Come with me & see what I get up to while acting on the set of a feature film!!

As an artist there is neverending behind-the-scenes work – answering emails, adjusting html for my website or editing a 3 minute video for 48 hours. The “fun” part that we work so hard for is a small percentage of it, and often, I can’t film on set for confidentiality issues.

So I was very stoked that I was able to bring you guys along to the set of Blotched, a feature film I was recently cast in as a “mean girl” receptionist at a magazine. I made the vlog above of my experience, I hope you enjoy it!

Blotched Poster

From their website, Blotched is the story:

A disfigured woman must hunt down her estranged father in order to save her life in a world obsessed with a giant sphere, which makes all who touch it disappear.

I was nervous to shoot my part, although I knew a few friends on set from Orensis Films who produced the movie. I loosened up throughout the shoot but it definitely takes 100% of your focus to do a good job, no matter what your job is, on a film set. Even just to not get in the way of everyone else takes focus!

The director, Robert Burdsall, was very patient & focused to work with. But as you can see he also had a sense of humor.




The crew transformed our location of SRQ Magazine into the offices of “Doll Magazine”, the fictional magazine of which my character is the fleeky-browed gatekeeper.


I hope you guys like this! Let me know in the comments what type of stuff you’d like to see on future behind the scenes vlogs!

BixbyFilms BTS Vlog



Check out Blotched’s Facebook page to keep up with the film’s release! Hope you have a great day, wherever you are!