As an Australian Shepherd, my dog Luca is very hard to tire out!! When I give her a bone she’s usually done with it in 5 minutes. K9Warehouse.com offered us to try these Himalayan Yak Cheese Dog Chews whose claim to fame is that they last a really long time, and that they’re all natural.

The video is a quick and adorable review where you can see how long these chews will really last your dog. Once I finished the video, Luca was still enjoying hers for days after, as you can see here:

I love K9Warehouse because it’s a small family business and the personal touch in their customer service reflects that. They always respond really quickly to any questions. I had a lot about these treats because I’d never heard of them before! But the chews have become Luca’s favorite thing, as you’ll see in the video. 🐶

How You Can Win Some!

Win your own 1 lb bag of treats for yourself and your dog will love you forever! See how to enter below:
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This video was kindly sponsored by K9Warehouse – shopping with them is great as they help support more videos for you guys!

You can get your own Yak Chews here and check out K9Connection on Facebook here. 

Let me know how your dogs like them! Tweet me @sagejesse.


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