Today I’ve got 2 Easy steps to get wrinkles out of your ribbon chokers!

If you make them out of ribbon and tie in the back, like I often do, they can get easily wrinkled. But the toughest lines that seem almost impossible to get out and make a newly purchased necklace unwearable, are the ones from the packaging the choker arrives on from a store.

I got this adorable orchid purple ribbon one from H&M the other day, and it’s (of course, lol) even cheaper now! $3.99 at H&M. When I unwrapped it, it had two deep, permanent looking wrinkles from being wrapped around the cardboard holder.

Step 1:

Choker 1

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Turn your choker to the back side & iron on low to medium temp.


Choker 3

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Step 2:

Choker 4

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If your choker is still wrinkled, place it inside of a pillowcase to iron the front side. The satin shows up every single spot of dirt and even water can stain it, so the pillowcase protects the front of the necklace from any dirt on the iron. Not that the iron is dirty, of course, but satin is a very delicate item.


Choker 5

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Iron to your liking, and Voila!

Enjoy wearing your lovely choker.


Does anyone remember the story of the Victorian woman who wore a velvet ribbon around her neck, always? When she married her husband she told him, never untie this ribbon. One night, while she was sleeping, his curiosity got the best of him and he untied the ribbon. The man gasped as his wife’s head rolled off of her body.

When I heard this macabre story as a kid I just loved the image of this woman, and the story for some reason hooked me on ribbon chokers ever since then! I loved the idea that a necklace could hold such a mystery.

On that happy note, I hope this helps, and please share with your shopping buddy who can use this tip!