How I Fit 28 Lipsticks in My Z-Palette!

If you’re reading this you may be addicted to lipstick, like myself. Just in red shades I have at least 10, five of which I may use for one look (I learned that from Marilyn Monroe)!

I finally wrangled my huge lipstick collection into one, portable palette, and made a video for you guys, so click play to see the lipstick melting in all its glory!

My website first partnered with Z-Palette last year, and I discovered how useful melting lipstick is in my beauty routine. Ever since then, I’ve been dreaming of creating this massive all-lipstick palette. They recently sent me their new Glitter Hi-Gloss palette and I knew what I had to make! We have to leave them some love guys, for working with me 2 years in a row now. I love sponsors that I can build a long-term relationship with, so thanks Z-Palette!

Melting your lipsticks makes them perfect for travel or just accessing more easily from home. If you’re a model, MUA or beauty blogger, being able to pack just 1 palette for all these looks, as you’ll see in the video, is a gamechanger!!

I had this huge bag of lipsticks in my make-up kit, and it was sort of ridiculous.

This whole thing is lipstick! But not for long…


Z palette

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