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Finding a manicure that lasts longer than a few days with polish or weeks with gels sounds crazy, right?? Well, I tried dip powder nails, and I’m here to say it’s possible. Press play to see my full review in the video! Make sure you watch to the end to see all about removal if you are going to try these nails!

What are Dip Powder/SNS nails?

Dip powder nails, are an acrylic nail process that  builds your nail through repeatedly dipping it in colored acrylic powder to build up the nail. This means, there is no polish to chip – the entire nail is the color you choose.

How much is it??

Not quite this much…


Mine was $40, plus tip, so overall about $50. Pricier than a usual manicure, but salon manicures on my natural nails just don’t last on me! You can see how I do my nails at home here. The dip powder nails lasted, so for me, the price was worth it.

Looking for Pinup Nails?

These are a great option for pinup lovers because they give your nails that pop, are long lasting, & look amazing in photos!
As for color, for pinups, naturally you can’t go wrong with a classic red!


I went for Anna Nicole’s signature chili red since I knew I needed something that would look vintage, pop-y, and could go with anything for a few weeks.

If you want a more toned down style, but still “pinup”, try a french manicure, pastel shade, or even a rose pink.



I didn’t know this was me until I saw this GIF but…this is honestly me. How can nails give you energy? Whatever scientist is reading this, please report back to us with the reason! Alright, I’m done looking at my unpainted nails typing this!! I’m off to do them. I will post the shade to my Instagram, click follow so you see all my nail (and other :)) escapades!

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Dipping Process
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