This Playlist Live 2017 I brought you guys with me to tour the incredible waterfalls at the Marriott Orlando World Center! As a mermaid I have swam in some beautiful places, but I don’t ever think I’ve seen a pool as huge & fun to adventure in as this one.

360 video is pretty new, so if you haven’t tried it, go ahead! On desktop you can click around with your mouse to see all around (look up under the waterfall, it’s sick!!) or on mobile, you can actually move your device around to turn.

Sparkling pool at #PlaylistLive

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What is Playlist?

Playlist Live hosts a three-day event where online creators and their biggest supporters come together in one place for an unforgettable experience. We take pride in being the top creator event of our kind and are excited to ring in year 6 with all of our online friends IRL! – From Playlist-Live.com


I’ve got lots more footage from the event that I’m editing as we speak, so make sure to follow me for updates when I publish it!


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