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I’m always on the search for the best deals on the products I love, especially since I watch a lot of YouTube videos that make me want to try different products from around the world!

A lot of products that are recommended by Youtubers from other countries I can’t find here in the states, so when I found with its vast array of drugstore & high end beauty products from all around the globe, I was super excited to try it!

I was a little hesitant since their prices were so good & I hadn’t seen any reviews of the company before. Lots of people on the Beauties on a Budget Facebook group expressed the same curiosity, and they had a hair color in stock I’d been searching for, so I wrote to the company and asked if I could try some of their products to review.

The people at Notino, which used to be known as BeautySpin, were very gracious & helpful. My order arrived quickly, very well protected in bubble wrap, & everything was in perfect condition. There is a helpful section on their website (of course I found that later! ha ha) that goes more into their guarantee that all products are 100% genuine, if you’re curious!

Now, on to the good stuff! What did I get?!


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Agent Provocateur Eau De Parfum

This is my “signature” scent; the only perfume I’ve gone through more than one bottle of (okay, 4 bottles)! It is a very rosy, “vintage” smelling fragrance, meaning that it has a lot of notes, and is very “womanly” & “sexy”. It’s not a light, summery fragrance for the faint of heart!

Scrolling through reviews of this fragrance, you will notice one thing: All of them are either “LOVE IT” or “HATE IT”! There is no in-between with Agent Provocateur!

Agent Provocateur’s Fragrance Notes courtesy of Basenotes

I would also add to these notes, that it has a lot of powder to it. This is what I think allows all of the notes to blend perfectly – rather than smelling like a huge, fresh bouquet of overwhelming flowers, it smells like someone collected these exotic flowers on their travels, pressed them in a book to save, and stored that book in a dusty attic.

I found my old e-receipt for the first time I ever bought this perfume! It was from a different online store, and the price for 1.7 oz EDP was $42.00.

Don’t worry, I already did the math to break it down so only one of us had to use a calculator!

$42.00/1.7 oz – original price – $24.70/oz

$30.16/3.4 oz – Notino price – $8.70/oz 


As of this posting, I believe that AP is now discontinued. What’s that? Oh, just the sound of my heart breaking. But enough about me! I recommend readers give it a try if you’ve been meaning to before I hoard all remaining stock it’s gone.

Now, what hair & makeup products did I choose? Click the button to read on!

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