Claws is the TNT show that just debuted a few weeks ago and is the perfect treat for summer (especially if you love or have a love/hate relationship with Florida). I was stoked to get cast as a background actor in a few different scenes!

Click play on the video above to see my vlog from the day.

The cast, from left to right: Karrueche Tran, Carrie Preston, Niecy Nash, Jen Lyon, and Judy Reyes. Source: TNT


💅Getting to work on such a big set, that ran as much like clockwork as a big set can, that was run by a lot of really cool people & lots of them women.

💅Two of the other cool people making up that set, were my friends Millie and Jazzy.  They were both on the crew and I saw them throughout the day.

💅Cast along with me was my friend, Kat Daue, who has been in other on set vlogs of mine! This was the best luck because we got to hang together much of the time. Especially because it was FREEZING, so we literally, hung together, around a generator to get warm!

Kat staying warm in some of the clothes options we brought!

💅The Ca’ d’Zan Mansion at the Ringling Museum, where we shot, is just a gorgeous, Great Gatsby-esque Mansion with tons of history that I always love to visit.

💅Getting picked to be the closest to the “action”, where the principal actors were for the scene, because my dress fit in well with what they were looking for! So I had to actually really focus to do a good job – it was freezing as I mentioned, but the scene was supposed to take place on a warm, lovely Florida day. So to have a girl in a blue dress chattering her teeth in the background would not look very realistic! Thus we also had to lose our jackets when we were rolling to make it look like it was hot out! Plus, I got to be closer to the main actors to study what they were doing, and I  have a larger chance of actually being seen on TV 🙂

💅Meeting the incredibly talented nail artists who are creating these custom, trendsetting creations for the show! Gracie J (@theeditorialnail), assisted by Elissa Schell (@nailsby.Elissa) have created looks for Fashion Week, countless music videos and editorial shoots, and are now bringing their designs to the only show to feature nails front and center.

Being a nail lover myself, this show couldn’t have been more perfect for me (although, I had to have nude nails for the shoot, ironically!)! I got to chat with them for a second and see the nail sets they were working on throughout the day.

Here is a clip of a set Elissa is working on Karrueche Tran, who plays a spicy little Floridian named Virginia, which is my grandma’s name.


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I just can’t get enough of these nails! All of these accounts are a must follow for nail lovers. Its so neat that these young artists are setting the trends for nail styles to come.

Thanks to my agent Delia at Professionally Pretty for ensuring this project went smoothly from start to finish!

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