Elizabeth Taylor has always had incredible summer style at any age. There are countless photos of her looking amazing emerging from an ocean or pool, or lounging in the shade nearby an ocean or pool. I wanted to put myself in her no doubt glamorous flip flops and figure out some of the keys to her seaside style.

Liz wore scarves in every which way, so I used a vintage one to help recreate her look. Photo: James Bixby

In the video above, I show you exactly how I get the look. You don’t have to do all of it together (the brows are not water proof!), but you can take inspiration from this to incorporate it in to looking casually fabulous all summer.

Liz was really the first celebrity who experienced the onslaught of the paparazzi. Her life & the demand for photos from it created the original whirlwind of the paparazzi and she also had the unique experience of being among the first people to whom it happened. The public’s fascination with her reached new heights, in part because of the decline of the studio system (which used to protect its stars from magazines by paying them off) at the same time she was one of the world’s biggest movie stars, and the start of her scandalous, life-long love affair with actor Richard Burton.

I don’t know whether this photo was colored, but you can see the pale violet shade of Elizabeth’s eyes really well here!

Called the world’s most beautiful woman, she was also beautiful on the inside too (though far from perfect!). Liz loved animals, especially horses, was a fiercely loyal friend, a lover of food, an was one of the earliest supporters of AIDS research and LGBTQ rights. So though the violet tinge to her eyes was actaully caused by a genetic mutation called distichiasis, the fire behind them caused by passion for living that made her seem young even in her 70s.

How to Get the Look

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Trying to re-create Liz’ beach pose without getting splashed!! Photo by James Bixby

Elizabeth tantalized (no pun intented!!) the public with all of her trips criss-crossing the globe from one glamorous beach to another, where she would emerge bronzed from an airplane. Nowadays we know that the secret to protecting your skin from aging and damage is SPF, so I don’t get as naturally tan as I used to since I protect my skin better. I’ve been getting more into sunless tanning because I still love the look of a golden glow, and I was super curious about this Clarins Glow Booster.

It looks like something a beautiful scientist would have in their labcoat. This tiny little bottle is the key to customizing your own level of tan with your favorite moisturizer.

What makes it different from any other product on the market, is that you can mix it in to your own moisturizer to turn it into a self tanner.

Here I’ve been using it for about 6 days. I absolutely love the bronzed color I get with this and the finish. The smell of self tanner is lightly detectable if you sweat & get hot, but it is so much lighter than other self tanners I’ve tried, and I usually apply this overnight so it doesn’t bother me. It also doesn’t dry my skin or stain my pillowcases or clothes like some.

I intend to continue using this and I will update you on how my skin’s color develops throughout the summer!

The moisturizer I chose to combine this with here was the Clarins Daily Energizing Moisturizer. It’s quite thick for a daytime moisturizer, which I like because the Glow Booster does contain alcohol. So this moisturizer ensures that it’s thick enough to moisturize efficiently while the Glow Booster makes me bronzed!

The Glow Booster for face (you can use it wherever you like, really) retails for $32, but right now at Notino it’s $21.84. A little goes a really long way since I only use 3 drops this bottle doesn’t even have a dent in it yet. I will also update you guys on how long it lasts with regular use 🙂

The Eyes

The Eyes are a crucial part of an Elizabeth Taylor style look. I’m sort of combining two tips I got from Liz into one:

  1. How she lined her eyes for her starring role in Cleopatra and re-started an eyeliner trend in the 60s that we’re still in to this day! Egyptian kohl gives the most gorgeous, intense, inky black eye that was used in ancient Egypt as a way for all genders and classes to protect their eyes from the sun’s rays. 
  2. How Elizabeth, whether she wore no makeup and went swimming all day long, always looked like she was wearing eye makeup around her violet eyes. This is because her distichiasis also caused extra rows of eyelashes to grow straight up to and even from the waterline of her eye. So her eyes looked lined no matter what she did!

This double kohl pot on display at the Louvre is actually from the 4th century C.E. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Inspired by these two points, I chose Guerlain’s Terracotta Eye Kohl in Noir as my go to Cleopatra/Liz makeup. This type of kohl (although this is a modern, lead free, safe formula) has been used since the time of Cleopatra, and this specific product is my waterline eyeliner holy grail! It is even in a container that kind of resembles a holy grail.

This is the only eye kohl you will EVER need!! It will stay in your waterline, and you can apply it the traditional Eastern kohl technique as I show you in the video (it takes patience! This is the key to this product.)

Why it’s amazing: It’s a fine powder which creates an inky but almost iridescent black that evolves. What do I mean by evolve? It has a way of smudging that’s almost magical. It manages to look like you’ve smudged it perfectly on purpose. It’s how you’d imagine Cleopatra and King Tut, Jack Sparrow and Kate Moss to wake up looking when the rest of us look like ruffled chickens.

I love wearing it on my waterline to the beach and going swimming. When I get out, the kohl has all migrated to perfectly line my eyes undetectably. Kind of like Liz’ lash trick!

I won’t try to explain in words how to apply this liner – just watch the video! I discovered these when I bought a drugstore version when I was 13, and I felt like a queen wearing it. It lasted almost 10 years! That one has since been discontinued, so in the States, this is the only version of this product we have available. It retails for $41, but is available at Notino for $29. I don’t usually advocate spending that much for eyeliner, but this is the exception. I know I’ll use this often & that it will be a staple of my collection for years to come.

The Brows

Liz had a brow that is just unrivaled today, even by the brow-famous like Cara Delevigne et al. Somehow she managed to look elfin and dainty underneath one of the hugest brows in the business. And I say that with love because I studied them to do this look and I have pretty big brows to start with. But I had to make them about 3 times thicker just to start!

This is the step you will skip if you’re really heading out to the beach! For this look I used the Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown. This is a two sided little guy that is super handy for keeping in your purse if you’re into pinup brows like I am but sometimes get called “Wolverine Eyebrows” by your sister and need to touch up often.

It’s two sided so it has pencil on one end, and a really good, non-flaky gel on the other that smells delicious (don’t ask me why!)

If you’re looking at these, I saw many reviews that said the “brunette” color came off very red. Usually you want brows to have more of an ash tone unless you are a redhead, and even on me I don’t like my browns TOO red. I went with the shade “dark brown” instead because it was supposed to be more neutral, and also because Liz’ brows were so dark. The “blonde” shade looks really good though if your brows are that light.


I hope you guys liked this. I had a great time pretending I was La Liz for a day. Please share with someone if you did like it, and let me know any questions you may have!


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