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Giveaway and Summer Contest

How to create the 90’s Inspired “Electric Cool” Look for a Summer Night Out

Inspiration & Historical Notes for the Look

Products Used

In the summer, I love to dream up & try out new looks. Perhaps because as a kid it would be the time when there were endless hours to explore, read, and watch movies, and I was inspired to try on new looks so that I could “be” the characters I was watching.

Some of you who checked out my Elizabeth Taylor Summer Style post may know that I recently became an influencer for After sharing that post, they also asked me to create some looks as a part of their #SummerYourself campaign!


So, what is it?  Here’s the idea behind the contest:

“Summer loves every side of you—be whoever you choose to be! Dare to reinvent yourself over and over again with new colors, new styling and care. This summer, be unique and different—but always yourself.”

Instagram your two favorite summer looks (don’t forget to use #NotinoUS and #SummerYourself)  to enter to win $200 to shop at <3

>>Check out exactly how to enter here. <<

This is a project that I was thrilled to be a part of because it’s perfect for someone who loves to use makeup & style to try different summer personas. I’m still that kid at heart, but now I just have better makeup to do it with! I hope this Electric Cool look can maybe inspire your summer looks too!

Inspiration for this Look

When I heard “Electric Cool” I was inspired by the “cool kids” of the 90’s. Models like Kate Moss, Jenny Shimizu & Vanessa Paradis blended the high fashion style of the world they were in with the carefree comfort of the young kids that they were.

Kate may be wearing a designer slip dress, but the hair is wet and topknotted like she just got out of swim practice. Jenny’s face is stunning but her buzz cut says she knows but doesn’t care if you’re comfortable with it. Vanessa isn’t ashamed of the feminine youth her lips imply, brandishing her lipliner with pride while still taking herself seriously as an artist.

How I Got the Look

Click play on the video at the top to see exactly how I got this look. The products I chose were also intended to go along with the “effortless” vibe. I didn’t use a ton of product, and all of it is very convenient and easily pack-able. I wanted to accomplish the look as if I was on vacation and didn’t have my entire make-up kit. If you’re packing light and have just gotten back from a day in the sun (or just want to look like it), here’s how I did it!

Estee Lauder cc cream - Bourjois Contour Edition Lip Liner in Nude Wave - YSL VERY Palette - Bourjois Rouge Edition Matte Liquid Lipstick in Don't Pink of It - CK1 by Calvin Klein - They're Real Mascara by Benefit

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