Sun-Kissed Queen Makeup Tutorial!


Sun Kissed Queen is a look I love to wear after a day at the beach! This look was inspired by long summer beach days that stretch into dinner served outdoors somewhere on Siesta Key.  You can even bring these products with you (many are travel size or multi-use) in your beach bag if you know you’re going out after swimming. Bronzed and glowing makeup along with a comfy white outfit highlight a tan (whether real or fake-bake!). This is a nice look for transitioning to Fall (well, in Florida at least!) with the hat which gives it a somewhat spooky vibe, I think!

I created this look for Notino.com, or what I like to call online beauty paradise. They have products from around the world for great prices, lovely customer service, and they’ve been very supportive of my channel and  website!  They also do a lot of giveaways on their Instagram, check that out here <3 

How I Got the Look

Click play on the video above to see exactly how I got this look! This is a very bronzed and glowing look with just the right amount of shimmer to make it a little different.

The Eyes

“Why are we starting with the eyes first??”

Read on if you are asking this…

If you guys have been following my posts this summer you may know I’m obsessed with the Guerlain Terracotta Eye Kohl eyeliner. After working with it a little I realized the best way to use this is to apply it first before any of my face makeup. That way if I get any fallout, I can just swipe it with a q tip or wipe before “puttin’ my face on!”. Seriously, watch the video above for how to do this, because to get an idea of proper application you really need to see it in action! This is a waterline technique that’s been around actually since the days of Cleopatra and Ancient Egypt.

The Skin

This is where I love saving so much room in my beach bag because of these lil’ guys:

Benefit Frisky Six - Sugarbomb blush, Rollerlash Mascara, Lollibalm lip balm, Lollitint blush, Sun Beam Highlighter, Ooh La Lift under eye lift makeup

Benefit Frisky Six Travel Set

This “Frisky Six” travel set from Benefit is not only adorable, but comes in extremely handy. I liked getting to try so many Benefit products in the deluxe travel size and I think these will last a while.

I started with the Lolli Balm, which is a really moist, tinted lip balm, on my lips so they could be moisturizing while I did the rest of the look.

Next on the skin,

Notino Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme CC Cream SPF 10 Makeup

I applied my current holy grail for day wear, Estee Lauder’s Revitalizing Supreme CC Creme (say that 5 times fast!) all over. This CC cream adjusts to match your skin color, and for me, it’s a perfect match. It just gets a little dark where it tends to build up around the hairline and neck so I blend just the edges with a big fluffy oval brush. I love this for after the beach because it is a moisturizer, skincare, sunscreen, glow, and tinted moisturizer in one.

Under the eyes,

I applied the Benefit Eye Bright under the eyes to brighten and liven them up. I use a brush in the video but you could use the applicator or better yet, your finger to gently blend. This one is my least favorite from the Frisky Six collection, but I think I may need to try the full sized version. It’s the smallest of the collection and unwieldy to use.

Powder Optional

Next, I powdered my skin to set it with Max Factor Creme Puff Powder in Translucent. I was photographing this look so I also wanted to bring down the shine on my skin a little bit but you could skip this step or powder more or less heavily depending on how dewy you want your skin. Check out my cool experiment at 2:51 of my video powdering half of my face so you can see the difference!


On the cheeks I first used the Lollitint by Benefit as a liquid blush – I kept it high on my cheeks because I didn’t want this to make my face look more round or rosy for this look. Then I swirled a small blush brush throughout the Benefit Sugarbomb blush. This blush is multi-colored with peach, orchid, and pink tones and becomes a natural “blush” color when you swirl it. I applied this directly over the Lollitint. Some people say not to use liquid blushes like Lollitint after a powder, but I didn’t have a problem with this one.

Lids & Lashes

I dusted the eyelids with the Sugarbalm and then applied it directly with my finger onto the moveable lid. I like to have a bit of a peachy glow coming through on the lids and blush & bronzer as eyeshadow is my secret! Check out how I use the Guerlain Bronzer (more about that baby below!) on the lids to shape and in the the crease to contour the eye in the video 🙂

On the lashes I used the Benefit They’re Real mascara which I will definitely re-purchase in a full size. I’m very particular about my mascara and I was shocked that my lashes looked like I was wearing fake lashes! I’ve been wearing this one since I got the delivery from Notino and they’re still plenty left so the deluxe travel size is pretty nice!

The Bronze

(and I’m not talking about the Sunnydale nightclub)

Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer in Shade 5 Brunettes

This part is fun because I got to use The Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer (mine is shade 05 Brunettes), which has 4 shades within one compact, but I used all 4 shades in different ways here – contour, bronzer, eyeshadow, and highlight. This smells like a fancy holiday on an island somewhere on top of its beautiful finish and compact which makes me feel like a tropical princess.

The Brows

I used just the gel end of my Revlon Brow fantasy in Brunette to quickly brush through my brows but keep them quite natural.

The Lips

I used Bourjois Contour Edition Lip Liner in Nude Wave to line my natural lip line or just a tiny bit to the outside. For me this is a pretty close match to my lips so it’s good to just add fullness.


I wanted this look to be more than just bronzed but have specific points of gold. This is where the Benefit Sun Beam highlighter came in. I applied it to the top of the lips, and on the lids in more of a concentrated gold, and on the cheekbone blended out more. This stuff is like liquid gold! I want to take a bath in it!

The Hair

If you haven’t been swimming in salt water, why not fake it? I used L’oreal’s Techni-Art Salt Spray  and a teasing brush to liven up my already wavy hair before adding my hat.

I hope you guys like this look! Please share it with someone who loves the beach!