Transition to Fall with Bohemian Chic Makeup

As soon as the first leaf touches the ground at my house and the first breeze dips below 82° F here in Florida, I am ready for Fall! This Bohemian Chic style incorporates several things I love: hunter green, a sort of Bollywood style eye, and gold.

What is Bohemian Style?

The original 18th century Bohemians were artists, revolutionaries, poets, actors, gypsies and writers. Their origins and paths were eclectic, colorful and mysterious. Bohemian style can really  be anything because it is about making your life into art. But for this look, I was inspired by “traditional” bohemian style brought into the modern age.

Bohemians love drama almost as much as they love scarves, so a scarf had to be used!

Jesse Sage Bohemian Chic style

How I Got the Look

I created this look for, or what I like to call online beauty paradise. They have products from around the world for great prices, lovely customer service, and they’ve been very supportive of my channel and  website!  They also do a lot of giveaways on their Instagram, check that out here <3 

For the look in this video, I began with my foundation, bronzer & blush already done. If you want to see how I apply that & what I use click the article here. This look is about this gorgeous, mysterious, rich green eye look that brings to mind adventure to me.


Photo: Ahmad Kadhim


The color of Forest canopies, emeralds, Maid Marian’s dress & Hobbit’s Elven cloaks, this is the color equivalent of the feeling I get from early Fall! The feeling that anything is possible.



Photo: Beata Ratuszniak

The Eyes

First I applied with my finger a layer of Astor’s 24hr Eye crayon in the color Ivy Green. This can be a liner or a shadow, so to shade my whole moveable lid, I applied it to the tip of my finger and then blended onto the eyelid with my fingertip. I like to use my finger to blend because I get a more natural look & the warmth from my fingertip helps the product to sit really nicely.

I next applied an inky black eyeliner to the waterline and used an angled brush to apply it in a smudgy cat eye shape. This Guerlain Terracotta Kohl eyeliner is perfect for a bohemian look – in fact, bohemians with “kohl-bedaubed eyes” were mentioned in the blacklisted 1889 book A Babe in Bohemia by Julia Frankau, who wrote under the pseudonym Frank Danby (a very Bohemian thing to do). Check the video to see how I apply it perfectly to the waterline.

Lastly I applied Benefit Sun Beam which is a true gold, liquid highlighter, with an eyeshadow brush close to the lashline and blended upwards to give the eye a golden glow. I also took this directly under the lower outer 1/3rd of the eye and didn’t blend.

A thick fringe of lashes definitely adds to the bohemian mystery, but fake lashes look a little too “done”. Benefit’s They’re Real mascara was the perfect happy medium because this stuff seriously makes your real lashes look incredible.

The Lips

On the lips I applied Bourjois Contour Edition lip liner in the color Nude Wave just a little to the outside of my natural lip line. This color is so useful for me because it’s almost the exact color of my lips! So I can wear just a little of this with some balm or lip gloss and my lips will be secretly plumped 🙂

Almost a perfect match for the Nude Wave lipliner is Bourjois’ Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Lipstick in Don’t Pink of It.  It’s difficult to find a nude that doesn’t wash me out, but this rosey nude is perfect for my light olive skin.

Upon watching the video for the thousandth time, I think to make this look a little more wearable on an everyday basis I would either add highlighter just to the eyes or just to the lips, rather than both.

The Glow

I used Benefit Sun Beam again on the cupid’s bow, above the brow bone, cheek bones, and lips. Voila!

The Fragrance


For this look I could think of nothing more perfect than Christian Dior’s Dune.

If you read the notes separately you might think your average tame, sweet scent, but Dune has to be smelled to be understood!

Source: Basenotes

Released in 1991, this fragrance smells nothing like the popular clean, unoffensive scents of the 1990s. In true Bohemian style, Dune is mysterious & exotic, but difficult to pin down to a particular time period or location. The first thing I think of when I smell Dune is adventure, a far away, dusty feeling. Like finding an old treasure map and re-starting the quest, Dune smells of the past but isn’t stuck there. It has a fresh, almost peachy feeling to it in some ways. But again, to attempt to depict individual notes is slightly futile because you may pick this up and never smell peach at all!

If you like this I hope you share it with a fellow Bohemian heart!