YSL Paris Fragrance Review – The Rose Lover’s Dream

Hello lovelies!

Today I’m here with a very delicious review. I have always loved anything rose scented and lately it seems like more and more rose things are making their way into my collection! YSL Paris is a gorgeous, blooming rose of a fragrance that is perfect for rose and vintage lovers.

Press play on the video above to see it in action!

About Paris

Year Created: 1983 Perfumer: Sofia Grojsman

Notes: Creamy Violet, Rose, Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Sandalwood, Amber

Version Reviewed: 2.5 oz Eau Du Toilette version

Notino.com sent me this to review. They have products from around the world for great prices, lovely customer service, and they’ve been very supportive of my channel and website! Check out their Facebook and Instagram for their weekly giveaways.

Paris’ ad campaign hasn’t changed much since the fragrance released in 1983, which I think is really neat! It always features a soft focus woman, with a huge bouquet of roses in front of the Eiffel Tower. While many ad campaigns for fragrances have nothing to do with what they actually smell like, these dreamy images actually do capture the essence of what YSL Paris smells like.

It has a great variety of rose notes, from fresh roses and the greenery. to rose petals pressed between the pages of a book. The sandalwood note adds a soapy, French hotel soap-esque feeling which makes it perfect for after a bath or shower. It evokes a timelessness because the notes are so fresh but at the same time vintage smelling.

A few of Paris’ ads through the years:



How to wear:

Paris is a famously STRONG fragrance! I like to spray just one spray into the air and walk through it, or apply one spray to my inner elbow, or as a hair mist to freshen my hair. But not all at once!

What would I wear with this?

For day, I love to wear this with floral cotton dresses. What’s better than walking in the sunshine, feeling your dress rustle and the soft scent of roses wafting all around you?

For night, I’d love to wear this with a velvet dress, sparkly earrings and an updo. I haven’t found the right dress yet but when I find it, I think I’ll feel like Julia Roberts going out to dinner in Pretty Woman with a spritz of this!

Get your bottle:

I recommend the Eau Du Toilette version, because this fragrance is so strong. I haven’t tried the Eau Du Parfum but I feel like one spray of that may be too overpowering! Let me know if you have tried the EDT version in the comments. Notino has the EDT as of this writing listed for $52.40 for the 2.5 oz EDT, 40% off of the $87 retail price!


Have you tried Paris, or its younger, leather-clad rose sister, Parisienne? What did you think?

Let me know what you’d like me to review next in the comments!