If you have been peeking around the internet or beauty store lately you’ve probably seen an explosion of liquid lipsticks from every brand imaginable. You may have even given into the impulse, like I did, to try one of these mystery tubes. The formulas I tried balled up in a really weird way and left my lips so painfully dried out that I gave them to my friend to use as paint!

When I saw a few reviews of Meet Matte Hughes liquid lipsticks saying that they were really good and non-drying, I was curious.

Click play on the video to see the formula in action!

After trying 6 different shades in the Meet Matte Hughes mini kit and becoming slightly addicted to them, I can confidently say that they’re awesome!! So I wanted to share these swatches and review with you guys to hopefully save you a lot of time from trying to find the right product.

I swatched these babies in the same order they are in the package to make it a little easier:

From left to right – Charming, Sincere, Committed, Doting, Dedicated, Loyal

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Vintage Lovers:

The Balm Cosmetics is known for its quality, modern yet vintage inspired makeup with adorable throwback packaging. This kit is a great buy (or gift!) for vintage lovers who need a lot of vintage options in one go. You have 6 + decade options covered in one kit –

1990s – Charming

1940s- Dedicated, Doting

1950s – Loyal, Dedicated

1960s – Doting

Modern – Sincere, Committed

Fairytale/1900s – Dedicated

The formula 411:

The effect of these on my lips is not drying at all. As it wears, it doesn’t ball up or leave blank spots, and it lasts several hours. I like to start with a small amount as a little goes a long way and gives a beautiful finish if you build it. The effect is matte, perfect for vintage looks but with the popularity of matte shades in modern looks right now, it’s all in how you style it as to how it comes across. They make full sizes of these as well, but I really like the minis since around the holidays I need something that will fit in a clutch for parties.



The first shade in the collection was a surprise love to me, but I’ve ended up wearing it as my go-to lip color this month. It’s a brown-mauve-nude that is perfect to just swipe on and feel confident, especially during fall and winter. It’s the perfect shade for the 90’s brown (add a lipliner for more 90’s brownie points) or even the 1940’s smear.


Sincere is more of a true nude. It’s very warm, and I think would be helpful for contouring lips in conjunction with Charming. Its very very easy for a nude to make someone look washed out and weird, no matter how deep your skin tone, so I like that Sincere is such a flattering nude that I could share with friends of different skin tones and it would look nice on all of us. This one is a pretty 2017 shade, but I would also use it to contour/highlight the lips in combination with Charming for a 1990s look.


This is a bluish pink nude, that still somehow comes across as warm in some lights. I want to have a look at this one outside as well and see how it reads on me. In this light it seems not to be washing me out too much, which is surprising! This one I would use to contour the lips in combination with Charming for a 1990s look.


A true 1960s peach matte, this is the least easily wearable on my skin color out of the set. But I’m actually glad to have it, as I think with the right situation it could be really cute in some vintage looks, maybe with a black turtleneck! What do you guys think?


This color took me by surprise and I love it! I’m not entirely sure what a sugar-plum is, but this color makes me think of one. It’s a gorgeous berry-plum-vintage-apple color with a very “princess”, romantic feel to it. This shade would make a gorgeous 1940’s look with a trench coat or a 1950s, really stunning dress.


I love this color, because of its simplicity. It is the one red everyone needs. It’s a true red that will flatter all skin tones and shift with each of them. For vintage and pinup looks, you can’t beat a classic red lip that will go on and leave a solid, clean line without lipliner. This is a very 1950s color!


In case you need to compare shades:


So, have you guys tried Meet Matte Hughes? Let me know which one is your favorite of these! This kit retails for $38.00 and is available at Notino for $28.99. I believe when I made the video it was $24, so keep an eye out for their different sales.

I hope you guys are having lovely week. It seems I’ve been working nonstop for the past 3 weeks and now the holidays are almost here! I hope you get to cuddle up with some hot chocolate and enjoy a little moment to yourself. Sending much love from winter in Florida!