Refresh Your Makeup After Work Into a Vintage Glam Look!

Especially in the winter when there are so many invitations to holiday parties, it can be challenging to get home to change after work before heading to an event. If I do make it home, I’m usually so tired from traffic I’m in for the night! So I created this look with just 5 additions to your makeup that anyone can do at their desk or even in their car to prepare for a more glamorous event after work.

Click play to see the transformation!

This look is inspired by the moody beauty of Marlene Dietrich and other Old Hollywood sirens. As you can see in the photos below, she often had a very matte eye with a glossy, rich lip.

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How to Create This Look:

For this look, I started with post-work makeup – skin, foundation, brows & lips done, but slightly worn throughout the day. We’re going to build on that in 5 ways to get glam!

1. Prep the skin:

I first used blotting sheets by NYX to remove oil that’s gathered throughout the day. I’ve loved blotting sheets since high school! My friends and I always pass them around when we’re out together & it’s a nice little beauty bonding thing. These are great because they don’t remove the makeup you already have on but just freshens and removes oil.

Tip: Wrap the sheet around your finger to fit the shape of your eye socket.

2. Mattify:

Next I added powder to give skin a matte, fresh finish. I used the Les Guerlain Violettes compact in Medium. This one is an indulgence but the compact looks like something Marlena herself might have used, and the finish of the powder is flawless.

It has a light violet scent and the medium for my skin is perfect – the shades run light so keep this in mind when selecting (based on the “medium” above, the “light” shade must be very porcelain).

3. The Eyes

This look is a very matte, smokey old Hollywood eye. I am loving this Meet Matte Nude palette by the Balm Cosmetics, – it comes with 9 all matte shades which is SO difficult to find! They’re quite large shadows and a very smooth, nicely pigmented formula. I’d definitely recommend this for those looking for a go-to vintage palette.

Use these shades as your guide when watching the video:

  • Matte Abdul – white all over lid
  • Matte Wood and Matte Rosen – darkest brown and medium brown mixed on your brush into the crease, blend with fluffy brush till you’re satisfied
  • Matte Wood on pointed eyeshadow brush on the lower outer 1/3rd of your eye
4. The Liner

Since we’re doing this on the go, you don’t have to do a hugely ambitious cat eye. Start on the outer 1/3 of the eye and do a “kitten eye”, a small flick that gives your eye the same effect. Then build as you’re more comfortable. Schwing liner by the Balm is a really inky black. Just be sure you keep your eyes closed for a sec to let it dry completely!

5. The Lips.

My lips throughout the day definitely need a refresher!! So I remove the lipstick from earlier by applying a good layer of Vaseline (I like the Rose + Almond oil tin for multi-purpose use like many ladies of Olden Days used), allow it to moisturize, and then wipe off with a paper towel.

Now that you have your beautiful canvas ready (it sort of plumps them too to do this!), you’re ready for the icing on the cake & final touch!

For this I used Shiseido Laquer Rouge in Truffle. This is listed as a lip gloss but it’s a pretty unique formula. This is not the kind of gloss you’d be chucking in your high school locker (I didn’t have a locker, because I went to hippie school, but I wanted one so bad!! lol), but a much more grown up version.

One coat is a really pretty gloss, but go ahead and give it a few of this for a luxurious vampy finish to see what I mean.


Voila! You are ready to throw on a fabulous jacket and head out to have fun!

Please tag me @sagejesse if you try this look! Love you guys!