How to Use the Fur Shark Shedding Rake to Groom Your Dog

Hi guys,


Another in my series on dog grooming, this quick tutorial will show you how to reduce your dog’s undercoat greatly with just a shedding rake.

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How to Use:

What is a shedding rake? It is a tool that works better than your average brush to reach to your pet’s (you can use this on cats too!) undercoat to help remove dead or matted fur.

The FurShark has rotating stainless steel pins (press play to see how they work) that retract when they encounter a mat. This way there’s no pulling or stress on your pet’s skin. Rakes can sometimes be really rough, or even bladed! I tested this one on my arm before using it on Luca, and it’s really gentle. It doesn’t cut the hair, but it does get to the undercoat!

You want to lift up the layers of your pet’s coat (on Luca, this is mainly just her feathers near her butt. Some types of coats will need you to do this all over the coat) and gently run the rake through.

That’s it! I recommend doing this about once a week to see a huge improvement in the hair around the house, and the shine of your pet’s coat!


Let me know your next pet question, I’d love to answer it!