The Original Marabou Mule and How to Date Your Pair

I’ve been wanting to flounce around in a pair of fluffy marabou mules since I was a toddler and saw some bombshell in them on tv. When I finally found my own pair of marabou mules at a thrift store for $10, I wanted to know more about the brand and try to figure out what year mine were from. The label read “Jaques Levine Made in USA”. This gave me a starting place and I now am using waaay too much of my brain space for information on the history of these mules!


The size 9 pair I was able to snag for $10 at Goodwill! The label reads “JACQUES LEVINE Made in U.S.A.”

I was able to narrow down the creation of these to 1979 or the early 1980s, so I will leave it what I found here in hopes it helps someone else to date their pair.

Press play on my Vintage Thrift Store Haul to see my slippers in action:

A lil’ history of Jacques Levine

Jacques Levine has been crafting slippers since the 1930s. Fun fact: In the 1980s, they were commissioned to make slippers under the Christian Dior label to coordinate with their lingerie. After a few years, Dior stopped selling slippers, as their customers proved difficult to convert from the Jacques Levine brand. Little did they know, these two were made by the same company!

Before it was called Jacques Levine, it was simply Middletown Slippers. 1936

According to the Jacques Levine Pinterest, Marilyn is seen here wearing the slippers created by Falk Levine (the father of Jacques):

How to Date your Slippers by Label

All of this was just a preliminary search, meaning, I have trusted that the source labeling their photos, is 90% accurate as to the date. These are not dated from the actual manufacturer’s info so while I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible, some margin of error is to be expected! You can click each photo to find where they’re from – mostly Ebay.





1960s – “Made in Spain for JACQUES LEVINE”

1979 ad shows the label “Made by JACQUES LEVINE”



2018 – Modern

The modern Jacques Levine shoes feature just the brand name and an insignia.

Do you have a pair of these (or other) marabou slippers? I’d love to see a pic!!