My Agent Provocateur Fragrance Collection

Hello my lovelies,

This is a video I’ve been wanting to share with you for a little while!! That is, my Agent Provocateur fragrance collection!

This collection includes my favorite “signature” fragrance, which is why it’s taken me so long to finally review it – 1. It’s kindof top secret 2. I want to do it justice! So I really hope you enjoy (and if you do, please share with a friend) my Agent Provocateur Fragrance Collection!

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Agent Provocateur Eau De Parfum – 2000

Starting with Agent Provocateur, the original scent, which was created in 2000. Pour yourself a cup of tea and I’ll tell you a lil tale. Got one? Ok.

This fragrance I first smelled on a friend who went to my college. It was a low-residency program in Vermont, so we were only there 10 days out of each semester. People from all over with the most interesting lives of varying ages gather together from all corners of the world for those 10 days, but my friend Julia was the best smelling of everyone. I was 22 at the time, and she was probably 30, a Polish filmmaker, lived in New York, and wore mostly fabulous all black scarves and skirts, so she seemed very worldly. She always smelled amazing whenever she entered or left a room. One day I got the courage to ask what fragrance she wore, and she was very secretive, which I suppose has made me secretive in turn. She named 2 fragrances (though I think her super secret recipe involves some fragrance oils as well) I won’t reveal the other fragrance she blended hers with, but the one she sprayed on my wrist out of a slim, powder-almost-lavender-pink purse spray which changed my life forever, was Agent Provocateur Eau de Parfum.

I remember riding in the car and noting how it was wonderful, but different than I had smelled on her. But it was like a smell I had always known. Old books, and magnolias, and dead flowers, spices out of the faraway lands in the old books all played off of my wrist and also the corner of my coat (which I would go back to smell for weeks after returning home from my Vermont graduation to Florida where it was no where to be found in store, which made me want it more). It was the week of presenting my thesis at my college graduation, and on that car ride it smelled like what a grown up, badass person who’s slightly foreign, slightly mysterious, a filmmaker, wears mostly fabulous black outfits, and has a secret fragrance blend would wear. I knew I had to have it.

After I ordered my first bottle I’ve been hooked ever since! No other fragrance I’ve tried is able to be so sexy yet so vintage at the same time.

One of my empties:

This was part of trio of purse sprays called Menage a Trois I got years ago. I’m not sure if the bottle has just aged, but it seems like the older bottles were slightly more lavender than pink colored. If anyone else had an older bottle let me know!


Note that this fragrance is the most divisive I’ve ever read reviews of! People either love it or hate it. It has a note that some describe as “skank”, which I think is the civet and musk notes and on my skin, it makes the fragrance what it is. But hey, you’ve been warned, and you have to play dangerously sometimes to get that incredible reward! 😉

This fragrance, it pains me to write, is now (GASP!) discontinued by the brand. It’s still available, and much more inexpensively than before, so it’s a great time to try it (before I hoard them all). Get your bottle here.

Eau Provocateur by Agent Provocateur (2006) —

Next up is Eau Provocateur. This, released in 2012, is very close to an Eau De Toilette version of the original (I haven’t yet tried Eau Emotionelle which is another EDT creation of theirs). It’s lighter, and fresher, and while it still smells vintage, much less so.  It sort of jumps halfway into the drydown of the original, bringing up the musk right away with a bright citrus (possibly grapefruit?) top note.


Maitresse Eau De Parfum – 2012

Now this little beauty (that bottle!! I can’t capture it properly because it’s so mirrored. But it’s gorgeous) took a little time for me to figure it out. Upon filming the video, I still hadn’t realized how pretty this was. But we recently had a cold spell in Florida and I wore this with a big, cozy cream colored sweater. As I strolled down a nearby trail with my dog, I caught a whiff of my wrist & suddenly, I understood the fragrance! The flowers bloomed with the fabric and the scent that had seemed like a super clean lotion earlier became sexy and warm while still rich.

The super classy, white flower fragrance smells nothing like this ad but I still think the ad is pretty! Plus they got a better shot of the bottle 😀

This fragrance reminds me of something Grace Kelly would wear in a Hitchcock movie. She was so proper, well raised, icily beautiful, but there was something more, mysterious running underneath.


Petale Noir – 2012

Agent Provocateur Petale Noir Eau De Parfum

Last but not least in my collection (as of now! I’ll definitely update this if I collect any more… or I might just hoard over them like Smaug the dragon… we’ll see! heh heh) is Petale Noir. This is the most different of the set, being much more initially modern and in your face sexy upon first spray. This is a scent I’d love to wear out for a night of tango dancing. It just says sexy, sultry, but in a fresh, exotic way, like being outside on a hot night.

I haven’t noticed the vintage note in this fragrance like the other AP fragrances. Someone will have to point it out if it’s there. I do really like the balancing basenotes of ginger, leather, tobacco leaf, and amber, because many “dark flower” fragrances I’ve tried end up too girly and sweet on me, without anything to balance.

Just look at the notes, such a bouquet of loveliness! Plus I love the gold filigree flowers on the bottle.

I was happy to snap this one up at Notino here for $24, when it was originally priced at around $80!


More about the brand

Agent Provocateur is a British lingerie house that was founded in 1995. Their whole vibe is very different from other lingerie companies. If Victoria’s Secret is that she’s a normal woman who has a sex life, Agent Provocateur’s secret is that she’s a sexy woman (person) who has a secret spy life. Which is so much more interesting (and surprising) of a secret, don’t you think?

I’ve collected a few of their ads here if you’re interested!


This was one of the earliest ads for their namesake fragrance.

Maggie Gyllenhaal for Agent Provocateur EDP

Naomi Campbell modeled for the brand in 2015, long after she was replaced by femme bots on the Victoria’s Secret runway. I love that AP uses an interesting variety of people in their campaigns.

This one is probably my favorite. It features the stunning Monica Cruz (yes, Penelope’s sis, and Penelope has directed for AP!)

I really hope you guys liked this! Please let me know if you’ve tried any of these, and what you’d like to see next!