Hey lovelies!

I’m writing this to you from a cafe with a (huge) cup of cold brew coffee sitting in front of me, while Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars album pipes in through my headphones to drown out any conversation as I am a natural eavesdropper and have to stay focused (After writing the word “focused”, I actually became distracted by my phone for 3 minutes and then had to face the fact that focused was the last word I wrote)!

I recently started writing for a website called Beach.com. They specialize in travel content about the Caribbean and Mexico and I’ve been able to write a few articles for them so far! Wanted to share the newest ones that just came out in case you’re interested!


  1. This one is special to me because I lived in Puerto Rico while I exchanged to the University in Rio Piedras. Often times, street food was all my roommate & I could afford, and each food brings back fond memories and cravings. I loved getting to document these treats for Beach, and I hope I can go back to PR soon!

Your Guide to Street Food in San Juan, Puerto Rico

2. This next post contains some of my bucket list plans – even though I grew up with horses in Florida, I’ve never ridden a horse on the beach!  A lot of beaches around here have rules against it, and it’s been one of my dreams since I was at least a teenager to ride on a gorgeous wide open beach and frolic in the waves with my horse. If you have any plans to head to the Caribbean soon, try one of these horseback riding spots which I selected for their well-reviewed treatment of their horses.

5 Best Horseback-Riding Spots in the Caribbean

On my site and channel, I have SO much stocked up to edit. Editing is my downfall. I’ve heard some YouTubers say that they never film anything they don’t put up. I, on the other hand, will probably never conquer all of the videos I have stocked up. I love to edit. But I don’t love to edit myself! Lol. So this morning, while getting ready, I just did a live show Get Ready With Me so I could hang out with yall without having to edit. But more edited videos are on the way!

It was nice catching up with you all! Hope you’re having a great Fall! Talk to you soon.